Wish Upon a Star

by gktwadmin on October 30, 2012

in The Family Experience

Whether you’re looking at the second star to the right or the luminous full moon, there’s always plenty to marvel at in the night’s sky during the Village’s weekly Halloween Party when you have the assistance of Ron, the Avenue Astronomer.

Although Ron is not at the Village year round, during Central Florida’s comparatively warm winters, he helps wish families see the universe in ways they never imagined.

Donning his decorative sorcerer’s hat, Ron enthusiastically helps wish family members look through a telescope for what is sometimes their very first time. Children and parents are delighted to (safely!) look at the sun’s surface, various planets and the moon.

Ron and the 4” telescope across from the Ice Cream Palace on the Avenue of Angels.

If you look closely through Ron’s telescope, you may even see our beloved Mayor Clayton waving to you from the moon! Is there anywhere our Mayor hasn’t been?

Ron enjoys his time at the Village and, as the Avenue Astronomer, sends out a special message of hope: Look up. Despite life’s challenges, there is still beauty and magic that occurs in our world each and every day. Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective to see all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

Contributed by Jenny Wells



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