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7 Things You Might Not Know About Give Kids The World Village

How much do you know about Give Kids The World Village? Test your knowledge with these fun facts:

1. We have 18,737 active Village volunteers.

And that’s a lot. Over 18,000 people volunteer their time to make our families smile and laugh each and every day. They are the heartbeat of our Village and truly help wishes come alive.

2. There’s a cast of characters that live at the Village.

Mayor Clayton, the six-foot tall bunny rabbit is in charge of this whimsical Village. He along with his wife Ms. Merry do meet and greets, attend our nightly parties, and even do tuck-in’s each evening with our families! Some other Village characters our families may see during their stay are Stellar the Star Fairy, Murphy and Sprinkles.

3. On average we complete 23 family check-ins per day.

While 23 check-ins per day is the average, we recently hit a record high with 64 check-ins in a single day. The first time we see many of our families is at the airport, and last year 6,892 families were greeted by a volunteer or staff member.

4. There are 39,454 pavers on our beloved Avenue.

A paving stone is a great way to make your mark and celebrate your love for the Village. To order a paver visit our Memory Market.

5. We offer fishing at the Happy Harbor Gazebo every Tuesday night.

Families never know what they could reel in at our gazebo. Our fishing expert volunteers are there to help with catching a variety of fish such as Blue Catfish, Carp, Bluegill and Largemouth Bass.

6. We prepare and serve over 50,000 pizzas annually.

Not only can our families have Mama Merry’s Pizzeria in Café Clayton, but they can also get pizza delivered directly to their Villas. Apply to volunteer and consider selecting pizza delivery for your next shift.

7. Every wish family receives something extra special.

While each day at the Village our families receive a small gift in their Villas, wonderful partnerships help bring even more excitement. Each wish family that stays at the Village receives a special Mickey plush and a Give Kids The World themed Candy Land game all thanks to our partners at Disney and Hasbro. Gifts like these that allow our families to bring home the magic of the Village.

We hope you enjoyed these Village facts! To read more about what’s happening at Give Kids The World subscribe to our blog and receive Village news right to your inbox.


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