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Raising money for Challenge for Hope doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our easy-to-use fundraising tools will help you have fun and bring in those donations. Plus, you’ll earn terrific prizes for each fundraising milestone you reach.




The more you raise, the more you get. Earn cool incentives for your fundraising efforts.




Fundraising Tools

Ask for Support
Download these graphics and share on social media with a link to your fundraising page. Be sure to ask your social networks to support your Challenge.



Social Media Post
Make a post about your Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you post


@GKTWVillage on Twitter



Facebook Cover Photo

Update your Facebook fundraiser photo and your profile cover photo.

FB Cover

@GKTWVillage on Instagram



Facebook/Instagram Story
Update your Instagram and Facebook story.

Thank you post


GKTW Facebook

We Are Here to Help!
Our team is here to help you reach your goal. Email Omar Elkalyoubie for fundraising support.