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If you have any specific questions regarding the Give Kids The World WGO Partners program or the Village Experience, please contact

Give Kids The World (GKTW) fulfills the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world every day of the year. To serve these precious children, we partner with 250 wish-granting organizations (WGO) worldwide. We look forward to working with your organization as well.

What if our wish family needs emergency funds?

In the event, a family needs additional funds for the family or funds were not dispensed to the family prior to arrival, the foundation may use a credit card with Give Kids The World and GKTW Finance will forward funds to the Manager on Duty to dispense to the family. Finance is not available on the weekends and holidays and the Manager on Duty only holds a limited amount of petty cash. Finance can be reached by calling 407.396.1114.

If our family arrives by train - how will they be greeted and how will they get to the Village?

If a family is traveling by train to Give Kids The World, it is recommended to arrange the arrival at Kissimmee Train Station. Please confirm with your Village Vacation Planner any and all details regarding the arrival. Give Kids The World will arrange a greeter to meet the family at the train station and transfer them to the Village. Upon departure, the family should arrange for a cab to return to the station.

If a family has visitors while at the Village, are they allowed to eat with the family?

Give Kids The World wish families are more than welcome to invite visitors to meet them at the Village. Our visitor guidelines are reviewed with the family during orientation and arrival. Visitors sign in/out at the front desk. They are issued a temporary parking pass and logged into our system. A family’s first visitors will have one complimentary meal. After that first visit, any and all meals for visitors must be redeemed with meal vouchers purchased at the front desk.

What are the hours of the Ice Cream Palace?

The Ice Cream Palace is open from 7:30AM-9:30PM daily. It is a great way to start the day!

Are the "other attractions" guaranteed or are the tickets limited?

Give Kids The World works closely with the theme park partners to ensure tickets are available to all guests. If a park imposes certain operating hours, guidelines or black-out dates during periods of the year, we are certain to communicate these changes through the Village Guide, Family Orientation and pre-arrival website.


If our family is extending their vacation (at their own expense), can they extend their rental vehicle booked through National Car Rental?

Yes, National Car Rental created a simple system for families to extend the vehicle at their own expense. The family will have the same rate, free car seats and complimentary refueling upon return.  Ask your Village Vacation Planner about this prior to the family’s arrival. Give Kids The World will send you a form to be completed for National Car Rental – this includes a credit card authorization for the family to complete. Have this form signed and returned to the planner and it will be processed for the family. The family will not even need to return the car to sign a new contract.

For more information, please read the National Car Rental FAQ.

What hotels should we recommend for non-participants on the wish (i.e., extended family)?

Please contact the Manager on Duty at Give Kids The World at We can send you a list of nearby hotels that are recommended. 

Does Give Kids The World have strollers, wheelchairs, high chairs, shower chairs and other equipment available for our guests to use?

Give Kids The World does maintain a small inventory of umbrella strollers, manual wheelchairs, high chairs, shower chairs and other medical equipment. However, this supply is only intended to be used for urgent situations, where a family is left without an important piece of equipment. If an item is imperative to the quality of the wish experience, it is our recommendation to work through a rental company and have the item delivered to GKTW Village.

Who can participate on the wish?

Give Kids The World graciously receives donated theme park tickets from the major theme parks and the Compassion Partners program. There are very specific guidelines for ticket distribution and Give Kids The World adheres to them. Any exceptions to the guidelines must be pre-approved by an authorized representative of both Give Kids The World and their theme park partners. 

Traditional complimentary participants (included in theme park tickets, lodging, meals and Village offerings) include the wish child, parents/two guardians, siblings, approved nurse(s)/caregiver and interpreters. Grandparents of the wish child are always approved as non-complimentary participants (included in lodging, meals and Village offerings). Any other participant requests must be approved by both the Give Kids The World and the foundation.


Does Give Kids The World accommodate all dietary requests and food allergies?

If a child requires a special diet or requests more information regarding the meals provided at Give Kids The World, the manager of the Gingerbread House is available to assist. If a child has allergies to certain foods, latex, or other product/item, Village Vacation Planning should be notified. Give Kids The World staff will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the child. The manager of the Gingerbread House can be reached by calling Give Kids The World at 407.396.1114.

Where do we ship medical equipment for a wish child?

Any medical equipment or supplies for a wish family should be shipped in the name of the wish child and to the following address:

Give Kids The World
210 S. Bass Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village