25 Years of “Doing whatever it takes”

by gktwadmin on October 29, 2012

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Earlier this month, we celebrated Tami Wright’s 25th year as a staff member at Give Kids The World. At a small get together at the Village where Tami was commended for her years of dedication, Tami shared how she got her start with Give Kids The World.

As a 26-year-old, Tami went for a job interview with hotelier and GKTW founder Henry Landwirth. Unfortunately, upon her arrival, Henri was unavailable so someone else conducted the interview. Relieved to have the big interview behind her, Tami scurried home where she swapped business wear for casual wear.

She soon switched right back into her interview outfit when she received a call from the hotel informing her that Henri was at the hotel and available to meet with her.

During the interview, Henri asked her what she would do if someone needed help and it was an urgent matter and didn’t have a lot of time. To this, Tami replied that it didn’t matter what it took, she would get it done. With that answer, Henri instantly offered her the job of helping him found Give Kids The World.

Bursting with excitement, Tami accepted the offer and soon made an office out of a broom closet.

For Tami, “doing what it takes” has meant a lot of things over the years. Whether it’s a quick costume change, last minute interview, working out of a broom closet or long hours, Tami has been dedicated since day one.

On behalf of the wish families, volunteers and employees of Give Kids The World, thank you, Tami, for 25 years of hard work, dedication and passion for the Village!

Contributed by Jenny Wells


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