Alumni Wish Family Returns 22 Years Later

How inspiring it is to welcome back our wish families to the Village. For Give Kids The World, being a part of such a caring community is a special experience that becomes increasingly exciting as our wish families not only return to visit, but also marvel at all the changes and improvements that have occurred at the Village since their last visit.


When Keri and her family returned to the Village, they were truly amazed by how much had changed. Keri first visited the Village for her wish trip 1991. “This is really cool. It’s so different. It’s just amazing,” admires Keri as she nods her approval at what has now become Mathew’s Boundless Playground.

WBB_Imb4“We arrived at the Village late at night and were treated to the biggest ice cream sundae I’d ever seen,” recalls Ryan, Keri’s brother. “We felt like royalty as soon as we arrived. Everything was taken care of for us,” said Marilyn, Keri’s mother. During their visit, the growing family loved walking by the new villas, the Park of Dreams pool and Mathew’s Boundless Playground of course.

“It’s just amazing, the weight on your shoulders is lifted off for a while – it’s every parent’s dream,” asserts Marilyn. Keri fondly remembers the gift giving program, the villa and many other special moments made possible during her first trip to the Village. “I loved our character breakfasts. It was great to spend time with my favorite characters without being rushed or crowded,” added Keri as she and her family headed for the Chapel. The family was here during the groundbreaking of the Chapel and was eager to see it completed. Upon visiting the Chapel, Keri was touched by the journal entries left from other wish families as the family marveled at the stained glass.

WBB_Imb3In addition to all the fun, the family visited the Castle of Miracles. Since Keri’s visit was prior to the start of the star program, Keri was invited by our Castle Angels to decorate her star. This star now represents Keri’s special and permanent place at the Village.

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