An Angel’s 20th Anniversary

There was a celebration this month at Give Kids The World for an Angel who has been around almost as long as the Village itself. Gloria Grasley celebrated her 20 year anniversary as a volunteer, and the staff made sure she knew how much they appreciated her hard work by throwing a party in her honor.

It was just a regular Sunday at church for Gloria when she heard someone from GKTW speak about volunteer opportunities at the Village. In October of 1993, she decided to check it out and start donating her time. From the day she started, her job has always been the same – an amazing feat for 20 years! Each day she helps record all the ticket numbers for every theme park ticket that the families receive when they attend orientation.

Blog_GloriaGrasley_fullGloria seated at the table for her celebration, surrounded by her staff friends from Vacation Planning, Guest Services, and Volunteer Services

Her job is an important part of the process that enables families to experience the joy at the theme parks during their visit to GKTW. And that’s what makes Gloria so committed to her job. In 20 years, she’s barely missed a day – even coming in on holidays! “You’re doing something that’s making people happy. They can come here and forget about everything. It’s a good feeling,” said Gloria.

Helping make the family experience magical is what drives Gloria’s desire to continue volunteering, but she says one of the main things that keeps her coming back is the people she works with directly. She’s been a part of that group for so long that she’s seen babies born, and then go off to college. She truly feels like a part of the family and the feeling is mutual. “She is very dedicated, never calling in sick and usually arriving early. We couldn’t do it without her,” said Jean Lowe, Compassion Partners Program Manager at GKTW.

We want to thank Gloria for the gracious commitment she’s made to GKTW for the past 20 years. It’s Angels like her that help make the Village experience so magical for our families.