An Enchanted Evening with Pirates and Princesses

by gktwadmin on September 11, 2012

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived beautiful princesses who shared their kingdom with brave, fearless pirates.

Some believe this to be only a fairytale, but on Friday nights at Give Kids The World Village, this fabled story becomes reality as elegant princesses gather for Ms. Merry’s Tea Party with the children at Give Kids The World.

But, whoa, shiver me timbers! 

This party is soon invaded by swashbuckling scalawags. Instead of sending these pirates to the bottom o’ the sea, the princesses join with the pirates at the Park of Dreams for a Pirates and Princesses Party!


Pirates and Princesses party at Give Kids The World

The fair princesses gracefully glide through the party greeting children and deeming little girls official princesses. While these royal figures pose for pictures with children and families in their voluminous pink and blue fairytale gowns and sparkling silver crowns, the clever pirates are quick to play their practical jokes and sneak into the photographs. They entertain by skipping and singing to songs o’ the high seas, showing off magic tricks and giving out shells containing the sounds of the ocean to all of the little lasses and lads.

As long as the children don’t ask the the pirates to walk the plank for their light-hearted mischievous deeds, the pirates deem each child a matey by offering an official pirate certificate!

Wait, ahoy there!

The children’s magical transformation into real pirates or princesses isn’t quite complete without the appropriate royal or sea-faring look, of course! Girls are given princess makeovers complete with face-painting and a tiara. The little mateys can get a head bandana, eye patch, tattoo and a pirate mustache face-painting.

Children then join in the Royal Ball Dance, said to have first commenced many years ago with the Knights of the Round Table, spin colorful ribbon around a May pole and dance to the “Hokey Pokey” and the “Cupid Shuffle.” Kids can also do crafts with The Little Mermaid, Ariel, or grab a bag of treasure containing bracelets, sunglasses, beads and other fine riches. Captain Shamu and Royal Dollie the Dolphin even come from the faraway Kingdom of SeaWorld to dance and visit with the kids.


Towards the end of the party, each new pirate and princess is called up on the ship Serendipity as parents are reminded of that which is much more valuable than all of the treasure in the world – their children! Each child’s name is announced to a round of applause where they stand proudly holding up a new royal scepter or sword. Princesses are told to rule their kingdom with grace, and pirates to run their ships with bravery.

While the song “Ever Ever After” ends the party, children and families are sure to remember their enchanted evening of adventure and fantasy forever-ever after.


Written by Amelia Klug


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