Can-struction for a Cause

by on October 30, 2013

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The bright, whimsical Give Kids The World Village logo has been reproduced many times – but never like it was recently. The logo was recreated entirely out of canned and packaged food for a design/build competition called Canstruction. This annual charity event holds contests across the country, asking participants from local schools, corporations and community groups to gather food bank donations to build a structure that represents a specific theme.


For this year’s Canstruction Orlando event the theme was “Orlando is Magical,” with all the donations going to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida after the competition was over. While most participants thought about the Orlando Magic basketball team or the area theme parks, the team at Winter Park Construction (WPC) wanted to feature another non-profit organization with their design. One employee who previously volunteered at GKTW instantly thought of attempting to recreate the magic of the Village. After doing some research, the team from WPC knew it was a perfect fit. “We decided on recreating the logo because it is such a visible icon in Orlando, and really illustrates a lot of what the Village represents,” said Bethany Sciortino, Creative Director at WPC.


The group quickly went to work back in August to plan their design. They put a tremendous amount of work into the project, from scouting grocery stores for the right foods to pre-building their structure at the office so they could figure out how to get the look just right. With the help of donations from their partners, WPC was able to collect 2,600 packaged food items for the event. It was important to them that they focus on donating healthy food items that would help sustain people in need such as beans, rice, vegetables and fruit. They also believed it was essential to have a sign that informed people what GKTW was all about, even encouraging people to get involved and volunteer with us.

Competitors built their structures at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall on October 20, with judging taking place the next day. All their hard work paid off because WPC’s design won second place with the Structural Ingenuity Award, which means they will compete at the national level! Their “Hunger for Hope” design also received The Daily City’s Biggest Heart Award, as well as taking second place in the People’s Choice Award that was voted on through Facebook. “People were really pleased that we were able to showcase GKTW and that another charity was represented. We were glad to be able to honor two organizations with our participation in this event,” said Bethany. Even though the local contest is over, WPC says it’s just the beginning of their relationship with the Village. Through the process of learning about GKTW, they fell in love with the organization, and solicited $2,000 from their subcontracors and vendors to donate. We are so honored that WPC chose to represent the Village for their design for Canstruction Orlando, and grateful that WPC has become a part of the GKTW family.  We look forward to our continued relationship with them, and wish them luck at the national competition!



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