Magical Moment: Partying with Pirates and Princesses

The nightly parties at the Village are always a highlight for our families. Every Friday, swashbuckling pirates invade the princess tea party to get everyone down to the Park of Dreams for some fun and games. Kids love taking part in the make-believe world, as they don princess crowns or pirate hats and let loose!

March Special Memories

Below is a collection of magical moments and special memories relayed to us in March’s wish family surveys. “What an amazing villa. It was so comfortable and convenient. It’s amazing what a difference something like being able to park steps away from our front door can make. My wish child LOVED LOVED LOVED our villas.[…..]

Capes for Maddie

When wish child Madison and her family came to Give Kids The World two years ago, they found the Village to be a magical place. One of the most memorable parts for Madison’s mom Jeannine was coming home from the parks each day to find presents delivered by our precious gift fairies. From games to[…..]

Magical Moment: Inspiring Happiness

Give Kids The World Village is a place where happiness inspires hope. From precious family time and nightly entertainment to Ice Cream For Breakfast and our 6-foot-tall bunny Mayor, we strive to make children smile. After all, the most precious sound in the world is that of a child’s laughter.  

Appreciation From Across the Pond

We are always happy to receive special letters and cards families send us after their visit to the Village to express their appreciation for the wonderful time they had at Give Kids The World. We feel so lucky to have been a part of their amazing wish trips. Recently we received this sweet thank you[…..]