Halloween Tricks for Treats

by gktwadmin on October 31, 2012

in The Family Experience

The “trick” in “Trick or Treat!” gets taken to a whole new extreme every Monday night at Give Kids The World’s Halloween party as Larry, who disguised as a blundering klutz, performs magic tricks for the Village guests.

This seemingly uncoordinated bloke is actually a certified magician who, with the help of audience members, delights youngsters with his sleight of hand and silly pranks.   

At one point in the show, the hat he wears is actually a diaper. As he flaunts what he thought was a dashing accessory as the children roar with laughter pointing to his questionable head wear exclaiming that “it’s a diaper!”

You can’t fool the master of foolery though. Larry is persistent in thinking that he is indeed wearing a stylish hat. As he attempts to prove his headwear a proper piece, he pulls it off his head when — gasp— what? It is a diaper after all! Gross!

As a reward for helping him keep is head straight (and sanitary), Larry decides to give the children some treats! They eagerly join him with their hands held out and eyes opened wide. What is it that they’re going to get?

Larry opens up the canister, expecting to retrieve some goodies for the helpful children, when –AAAH! What was that?

You’ll have to see the show to find out!

Contributed by Jenny Wells


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