Magical Moment: Salute to the Veteran Angels

Veteran's Day_full

This past Tuesday, Volunteer Services hosted an Angels Veteran’s Day Salute to honor all our volunteer Angels who served in the military. There was food, fun and fellowship as we recognized the veterans who give their time here at the Village to make the experience magical for our wish families. Thank you to all our veteran Angels!

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  • Rich - Volunteer

    Thank you to GKTW for the great luncheon you provided us Vets, as you do every year (it beats c-rations.). I am proud to be a Veteran. I am also proud to be a Volunteer at GKTW. It is a wonderful organization. I have volunteered over 11 years now at least once a week and will continue to do so, God willing. Best to all the Vets!

    • Lauren Schneider

      Hello Rich. We are very glad you enjoyed the luncheon, as we were happy to honor our Veteran Angels. Thank you for your service and for giving your time here at the Village! Your commitment for the past 11 years is truly remarkable.

  • Nancy Mossop

    This visit to the websdite, served as a memory kicker. I used to volunteer there
    in 2000-2003. Such an awesome place for kids and families. Such a generous
    place to those families. I make ‘Memory Bears’ from deceased loved ones’ garments. They are so much fun to make and provide wonderful memories for the families of lost ones. Anyone interested, e-mail me. Nancy Mossop, Southern New Jersey

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