Magical Moment: Special Memories

by gktwadmin on November 9, 2012

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This week’s Magical Moment is a collection of treasured moments as relayed to us on last month’s comment cards written by visiting families.

Your volunteers are amazing! The smiles, the warmth! Just an amazing feeling here at the Village. Truly indescribable.

We love the food; it’s the best!

Everyone was so caring; you can feel the love in the air.

It was so nice not to worry about meals.  The food is amazing!  This place is amazing!

When she saw the Mayor and hugged him, the happiness on her face was beautiful.


Five star Staff! How pleasant everyone was.

Our children loved being able to “fast pass” at the theme parks and felt very special and lucky.

Excellent to have the various characters visit the Village.

The Village Guide was awesome.  We loved how it had directions to and from everywhere — very helpful.

We really like the check in gate, made us feel very secure.

Ms. Merry made my daughter laugh out loud and it melted my heart. She doesn’t normally do that around strangers.  I will forever remember that.

No limitations — you let her ride the train, the carousel and the horse.  You had special wheelchairs so she could go in the pool.  We cried for the joy she was experiencing.

You do everything right.

The food was fabulous.  Nice variety!

Mayor Clayton’s surprise birthday was a hit and his tuck-in was very memorable.  We loved Mayor Clayton!

The Village Guide book was an invaluable source of information. We used it every day. Everyone was so friendly — even just walking I don’t think there was one staff member or volunteer that didn’t say hello to us.

Great activities, kids enjoyed GKTW more than the theme parks we attended!

Even though the faces changed daily, the message and the dedication from each volunteer and staff member was consistent, happy and friendly.

The villa was beautiful, more that we could have asked for.

We particularly liked the Gallery of Hope which was very moving and really touched us.

Every detail was so thought out.  This made everything, even the smalllest thing, so special and memorable.  We truly felt so cared for as though the reason for all the attention to detail was just to make our day a hit. 

The Gallery of Hope was amazing and inspirational. It had us in tears! All venues were brilliant.

It was clear that the staff and volunteers all have a “Yes we will do that” attitude that made our week very special.

The tuck-in was our favorite part. It was the most memorable, family vacation ever.  We will never forget the compassion, care and love bestowed to our family.

The star for my son was the best gift that we got.




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