Obie the Clown: Filling Lives With Laughter

by gktwadmin on April 8, 2013

in The Volunteer Experience

obie_imbThe charming sound of children laughing around the Village adds to the magical energy that makes Give Kids The World a dream-like destination for our deserving wish families.

Five years ago, when Obie the Clown visited Florida, he jumped at the chance to visit GKTW. His initial visit turned into a magical three-hour tour of the Village. His eyes gleamed as he explored the Village venues. The wonderful experience inspired him and immensely filled his heart with joy. He came back to volunteer at the Village, and has been hooked ever since!

Obie the Clown loves interacting with children, but most of all, he enjoys making them laugh. Obie has been making our wish children laugh and giggle for the past two years. He loves clowning around at GKTW, bringing his bag of funny tricks and gimmicks – all in the hopes to bring smiles to children’s faces and laughter into their lives. Obie the Clown has performed and greeted children at Mayor Clayton’s Birthday Party and participated in the Village’s Christmas Parade.

As a member of the Manheim Fire Co., Obie shares his fire prevention ideas during his fun-filled informational skits, complete with silly signs and props for child interaction.


Obie, an accomplished graduate from Clown College, has been clowning for 23 years. “I like to clown around with all,” says Obie. “The experience at the Village has been fun, and it has opened so many doors to long lasting friendships with so many families.”

Life is always better when you’re laughing! Funny characters like Obie the Clown bring cheer to the Village, and we thank Obie for his great sense of humor and ability to make us all laugh.


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