A Party filled with Candy and Joy

Every night of the week at the Village, there is a different themed activity for our wish families. Our Entertainment department does an amazing job making sure everyone is involved and having a great time. Shelly, an Entertainment Coordinator, shares her rewarding experience hosting Mayor Clayton’s Hare-Raising Halloween Extravaganza every Monday night at the Village.[…..]

Magical Moment: Thanking Those Who Protect and Serve

The National Police Relief Association “protects those who protect us,” as they provide support for the law enforcement community. Frank John, the national vice president of the association, and his wife Antoinette, recently visited the Village to deliver another generous donation. We thank the National Police Relief Association for their tireless commitment to making life[…..]

GKTW’s Awareness Angels

Give Kids The World has many friends and supporters that are near and dear to our heart. Blogger Kelly Green, aka SeaWorld Mommy, is one of those valued supporters. A friend to the Village for years, Kelly helped organize last year’s inaugural Blogger Bash and is a co-chair of this year’s event scheduled for August 30. Below[…..]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

                            Give Kids The World fulfills the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world every day of the year. To serve these precious wish children, we partner with over 250 wish granting organizations (WGOs) worldwide. The[…..]

Magical Moment: Can You Name this Castle of Miracles Character?

                          Nestled between the hand-shaped sconces and the regal thrones inside the Castle of Miracles stands this treasured Village character. This rosy-cheeked grandfather clock wakes up the Castle each and every morning. Then, in the evening, with the help of wish children and[…..]