Prima Fundraisers

Ballet slippers and banana splits — this was the scene at the Experimental Movement Concepts dance studio in New Freedom, PA this past June.  The studio’s owner, Robin Snyder-Wiencek, allowed Mike Dunphy, his wife Tammi and daughters Rebecca, Hannah and Rachel from Stewartstown, PA to host an Ice Cream For Breakfast event to raise funds in support of Give Kids The World.

Sponsored by Breyers Ice Cream, Ice Cream For Breakfast is a grass-roots awareness and fundraising campaign inspired by a former wish family who celebrates the anniversary of their trip by eating ice cream for breakfast once a year, just as they did in the Ice Cream Palace at Give Kids The World Village. Across the country, many are joining in the tradition and hosting Ice Cream For Breakfast events in their neighborhoods, schools and offices. On this particular day whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries and sprinkles turned the dance studio into an ice cream palace.

In addition to the Ice Cream For Breakfast social, Mike and his family raised money through a silent auction which featured donated items from individuals and community businesses. Mike’s enthusiasm proved to be a motivating factor for others when the owner of the dance studio designated two other events, one of which was a Flip-O-Thon featuring gymnastics students, to raise money for GKTW.

Thanks to Tammi and Robins’s enthusiasm and creativity, in addition to the support of family and friends, the events raised a total of $2,020 to assist GKTW in its mission to fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses by providing a memorable, magical visit to the Central Florida attractions and GKTW.

During a recent trip to Orlando, dancers from the Experimental Movement Concepts dance studio took a tour of the Village and hand-delivered their donation. Mike says, “the kids and adults in attendance were able to see directly how the donation would benefit such an important mission.”

In their donation letter to GKTW, Mike and Tammi said, “It is our sincere hope that this donation can be used to assist the outstanding work and worthy mission of Give Kids The World.”

Indeed, it will. Our thanks to everyone who scooped, sprinkled and joined in the fun for this fantastic fundraiser.

Additional contribution from Aijana Johnson

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  • Sandee O'Neill

    Our visit to GKTW was truly a moving experience and one I won’t soon forget. I’m so glad my two daughters could be there to visit as well and see how the money they raised could help families and other kids in need.

    • Thanks for visiting with your family, Sandee! The money that your daughters raised was certainly put to good use. Please tell us more by sharing your story with us. How did your daughters raise funds for GKTW?

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