Royalty at The Village

This month, Give Kids The World was honored to welcome the contestants of the Princess America Pageant to the Village. Over 50 young ladies arrived at the Village where they enjoyed a presentation and personal tour.

PrincessImb2The princesses then gathered on the Avenue of Angels for an impromptu dance party. As the young ladies showed off their Cupid Shuffle talents, they were joined by GKTW President, Pam Landwirth, and several wish families who were eager to join the party. Mayor Clayton even made a special appearance for a group photo with the beautiful pageant ladies.

PrincessImbIn the spirit of competition, four groups of princesses competed in a “human candy cane” contest where they wrapped giggling wish children in crepe paper, striving for the perfect candy cane design. The regal crowed cheered as “Pepper-Mindy” was elected the winner.

This joyous celebration culminated with the presentation of a donation that the Princess America contestants raised through a variety of efforts. Some held Ice Cream For Breakfast fundraisers, others donated their hard earned babysitting money and one young lady orchestrated an all-male beauty pageant. In addition to the check presentation, the Princess America Pageant Gala held a silent auction which resulted in a total donation of over $25,000.

The Gala welcomed an alumni wish family as their guests of honor. The Loewen family visited GKTW in 2009 for their son Noah’s wish trip. Wish father, Brad, spoke to the gala attendees about their Village experience and thanked the participants for their efforts in supporting the GKTW mission.


GKTW is so grateful for our continued friendship with the Princess America Pageant. Their support and yearly visits bring a regal glow to the Avenue. In addition, GKTW is honored to be a part of the Loewen family story and thank them for their continued awareness building efforts.

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