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GKTW Garden Club Keeps the Village Blooming

Nestled between Julie’s Safari Theatre and Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa, Give Kids the World Village’s garden is home to a koi pond, Mayor Clayton’s house, butterflies, and – thanks to a hardworking group of volunteers – lots of beautiful plants and flowers.

Three years ago, the garden was a little more than an overgrown patch of bushes and plants. Now, with lots of “TLC” the garden is lush and blooming due to the green thumbs of Master Gardener and Village volunteer Lorna Sauter, members of the Celebration Garden Club and Osceola County Master Gardeners.



“A lot of people think you just plant a garden and it’s done,” said Lorna. “But it’s really never done!  It’s a work in progress.”

The garden can best be described as a labor of love, with Lorna and her fellow gardeners frequently coming to the Village to take care of all the beautiful species of plants. They started by clearing the area, gathering leftover flowers and plants from the Village in addition to the plants ordered by Engineering and using them to plant a new garden.

After a trip to Harry P. Leu Gardens – and with the help of its director – Lorna drafted a plan, drawing out where each plant should go. Once there was a plan, the groups worked diligently to make the garden what it is today.

“It’s something I enjoy,” said Lorna. “I’m grateful to have such great people helping, too. I tell them what needs to be done and they are very eager to help out.”

Give Kids The World is so grateful for their passion and enthusiasm for the garden and for creating a space that’s serene and bright for our families.

Want to find your own way to “grow” at the Village? Click here to sign up to volunteer!


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