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Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village
Give Kids The World Give Kids The World

Our Staff

Give Kids The World Guest Services is located in the House of Hearts and is available to assist you 24 hours a day.  You can also reach us by dialing 0 or 4000 from any Village phone. Staff members from other Give Kids The World departments can also be seen throughout the Village property.  They will have a white name tag like the one pictured.

Give Kids The World

Village Angels

Give Kids The World depends on volunteers, known as our Angels, to fulfill over 1,700 volunteer shifts every week. With countless hours and generous hearts, volunteers of many ages, talents and abilities assist the Village by maintaining our operations and completing special projects that ensure each family has a perfect guest experience.

If you see someone on Village property with a blue name tag they will be able to assist you or direct you to someone who can.

Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village