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Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village


We are honored to host the families of children with life-threatening illnesses from around the world.

Give Kids The World

Impact of the Village

A trip to Give Kids The World Village gives families time together, inspiring a renewed sense of hope and happiness that lasts long after they return home. Learn more about their journey here.

Give Kids The World

Your Trip is Planned

If your family’s wish trip is scheduled, or you just want to get an idea of what our families experience at the Village, this section is for you. Read More.

Give Kids The World

You Are Village Alumni

Your vacation has ended, and now you’re Village Alumni! Click here to stay connected and support our mission.

Wish-Granting Organizations

You Would Like to Visit

A vacation to Give Kids The World Village begins with a wish-granting organization, which will help determine whether a child is eligible for a wish. If you know a child who has a life-threatening illness, please search for a wish-granting organization in their area.

Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village