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Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village
SeaWorld Orlando Supports Give Kids The World Village

Nobody makes a splash for our guests like SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando®. Since 1986, the park has created priceless memories for thousands of children who visit the Village each year.

As Give Kids The World Village strives to include every child in the family, SeaWorld helps fulfill that commitment by providing welcome gifts for every sibling upon arrival – souvenir Shamu plush dolls. While at the park, each family is treated to special guest assistance and a free tray of food to feed the dolphins.

At the Village, families play with SeaWorld characters during weekly appearances and marvel at the creatures – such as sloths, owls, armadillos and more – that SeaWorld representatives bring to the Village for fun animal encounters.

SeaWorld also promotes community service and volunteerism throughout their company and helps Give Kids The World by bringing out groups of employees for corporate team-building volunteer events.


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Children's Charity - Give Kids The World Village